A Cool Gift For the Guitar Player Who Has Everything

Guitar Pick Punch
Make Your Own Guitar Pick

Do you ever struggle to find a gift for that guitar player you know? They seem to have everything they need or want except for more guitars and that isn’t an option.

This cool gadget might be just the thing. In fact if you don’t buy it for them, once they hear about it they will probably want to buy one anyway, just because it is really cool.

This unit is a heavy duty punch and well made, with solid looking springs and an accurate cutter. That’s pretty important because the novelty will wear off pretty quickly if it breaks after you have used it a first time.

What Does it Do?Punched Guitar Pics

It works like a hole punch that you might use for filing documents, but instead of cutting round holes in paper, this cuts guitar pick shaped holes in plastic cards, like credit cards, frequent flyer and loyalty cards. The difference is that you keep the part you cut out and throw the rest away.

So now you or the lucky person you decided to get this for can have guitar picks on tap whenever they want to.

Don’t get desperate and cut a current card, make sure it has expired first, or you could have a problem.

Could the Paywave Chip Still Work if You Cut it Out?Credit Card Guitar Pick

I have a feeling that it could, but you might also get in trouble with your bank for deliberately damaging the card and I might find myself in deep water for even suggesting it.

I really want to know, but I’m not going to try.

I have friends who give me their old expired credit cards and I feel a little bit edgy about doing that, just because they are a financial instrument so to speak, so I make sure I cut them as soon as people give them to me, just to feel a little more safe.

Is That All There is To It?

Sorry, hold the bus, you are not quite there yet. In theory you could simply start playing with your new pick, but if you look at your normal guitar picks, they have been smoothed and buffed around the edges. That’s quite important.

If you play with a nylon string guitar, there is every possibility that the sharp edges on the newly cut pick will cut through and break the guitar string.

When you play on steel strings, or metal wound strings, the sharp edge will add unwanted noise, especially on the wound strings. It will scrape against the windings and make a rough sound, which isn’t a good look.Guitar Nail File

What you need to do is to file the edges down so that they are smooth. You could use a Guitar Nail File Kit like this one, which you can pick up for only $1.50 from this link. As you can see it also includes cotton finishing sandpaper so you can make the end product look perfect.

So what are you waiting for? Get your guitar pick cutter for your friend now and maybe one for yourself at the same time.