Buying gifts for guitar players can seem daunting. Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or any other special event, a lot of people worry about getting it wrong.

In this article I am going to show you how easy it to find low cost, practical gifts to put in the Christmas stocking or for that special occasion. Of course, you might also want to throw in one or two for yourself if you are also a guitarist. I did.

Practical Gift Ideas Guitar Lovers

Have you ever visited a music store, looking to buy something for someone and the only things you can find are either expensive, or you don’t know if they will get used. It’s really hard. You don’t want to buy something that isn’t cool, or that they already have. You end up looking in the dump bins and you might see old looking guitar tuners, cheap strings and capos, but nothing that really shines out at you.

Here are some ideas that can work for you.

Guitar Flash Drive

How about a guitar flash drive? Sure we all have flash drives, but we lose them, or they look the same and they get lost, especially if someone borrows them and then forgets to give them back. That’s not very likely if they are shaped like a guitar!

These little beauties range from 4GB to 128GB and as an example, the Jazz guitar with a 16GB drive hidden inside the guitar is less than US$4 and that includes free shipping to many countries!

These are a very practical gift. Guitar players use flash drives for all sorts of things. They can carry MP3’s, photos. media kits, song sheets, all sorts of useful things.

This looks like a great stocking filler, but don’t let the price make you think this is just a cheap gift. This is going to win you brownie points.

If you’re a musician, you might also think about this as a way to market or sell your music. How about turning the drive into an album of your songs? That would be so much cooler than giving people a CD or DVD and Let’s face it, some computers don’t even have DVD drives anymore, but they pretty much all have USB slots.

Guitar CufflinksGuitar Cufflink

You may think this sounds silly but they are actually a very cool gift for the smart dressing guy. I own a pair of these cuff links that look like a Fender Stratocaster and if the person you are buying for is into Fender guitars, they will love this.

I was given some really nice uniform business shirts a few years ago, but for some reason the buttons on the cuffs weren’t well sewn on, so I decided to pull them off and use cuff links instead. I had a slight problem. I hadn’t worn cuff links for years and didn’t have any.

Now don’t let the price put you off. At under US$5 you might think these are cheap and nasty. They aren’t. I have been wearing these for months now and they are still great. I’ve had a number of people ask me where I got them, wanting them for themselves and I was delighted to be able to share this link.

Often when we dress up in business clothing, we don’t have a lot of ability to be creative, especially in penguin suits where we all look the same.

What if they play an acoustic guitar? Easy, they are going to love this one.

Still didn’t find the perfect one? Here are 18 more cuff link designs from guitars to an awesome looking old school silver and red microphone and even a cassette player. These are definitely going to be conversation starters.

Guitar TeaspoonsGuitar Coffee Spoons

So here’s something that is going to look great for the entertaining guitar player, or even just for someone who likes guitar music. Don’t tell anyone, but one or two of my friends might find these in their Christmas parcel this year. A set of 7 colored stainless steel coffee spoons that look great and are great gift ideas guitar lovers. These are great value for around $10 for the whole set!

You might even want to get a couple of those because someone is going to absolutely love them and be very disappointed when they find out that these are very unlikely to be found in a retail store!.

I couldn’t believe how cool these were when I first saw them. What do you think?

Guitar Keyrings

Guitar Pick KeyringSo we’ve looked at a few accessories and maybe you want to bundle a few things together. Bored of the rings? Sorry, I couldn’t resist it. Guitar players get around, so they need key rings. How about a romantic one like this one that says “I pick you always and forever“? That sounds like a great key ring for your loved one, don’t you think?

What about something from the kids? This one says “I couldn’t pick a better Grandpa“. I reckon the Grandpa who got that would be really chuffed.

But wait, there’s more. How about a key ring that is in the shape of a guitar but is also a bottle opener. Playing guitar can be thirsty work!

What about the perfect gift for a child to give to their Dad, that says “Play for me Daddy“?

I think I should probably stop, but if you have a daughter who likes frogs and plays an acoustic guitar, you really should have a look at this one. It is soo cute!

I really do have to stop here, for now at least. I hope I have shown you that if you are struggling to find a little something for a special person who plays guitar, that the times they are a changing both in the cool things you can get, without having to even go out to a shop.

Do it now though, they still have to arrive in time, so whether it is a stocking filler, or a nice little surprise for someone. Click on one of these links and I would love to hear from you about how pleased and surprised they were with your gift/s.