I’ve been playing guitar, writing songs and gigging for longer than I care to say. Some great things about guitar is that you never stop learning, you can take it almost anywhere with you and it can be used on your own, jamming with others and of course in a group or band. It can be a solo instrument or it can accompany your singing.


Actually it wasn’t even mine, it was my father’s.

My first performance was at a folk club at the age of nine. I was so excited afterwards that as I was running up the concrete stairs from the garage to our house afterwards, I tripped over and smashed the guitar on the steps. It took a little while before I could borrow another one.

At 11, I won first prize in a talent quest in a shopping mall, and at 14 I was giving other kids (and some adults) guitar lessons to generate pocket money.

An uncle introduced me to classical guitar and I taught myself country blues guitar and other styles using books with TAB and playing along with records. I used TAB to teach myself to sight-read. I had perfect pitch and my school music teacher wanted me to play violin which I thought was a sissy instrument. (My late grandfather was actually a violin teacher and owned a Stradivarius but it wasn’t for me).

At 15 I had a Sunday gig in a coffee lounge and I went on to play in bands (no one famous, mostly pubs, clubs and the odd festival), duo’s, and as a soloist. I also started writing songs and performing originals.

Over the years I studied music informally, with friends as most guitarists do, at the Creative School of Musicianship in Auckland, at Berklee Music (Boston) online, and in lots of workshops and courses, some with well-known teachers and artists in New Zealand and overseas.

I’m a full writer member of APRA (Australasia’s version of ASCAP and BMI) and you will find my music in lots of places including on Spotify, YouTube, Reverbnation, Soundcloud and other locations. I also have a few educational videos on YouTube such as this one called What is the Best Slide For Guitar?


A lot of my knowledge came from other people. Muso’s tend to help each other, sitting across from someone saying “How do you do that?”, visiting music shops, borrowing other people’s gear and going to gigs. I want to continue doing the same for other people and a website means I can reach a lot more people than I can face to face.

I also learned a lot of things the hard way. When it comes to buying gear, musical instruments and  guitar accessories are expensive and very, very few people make a good living from music. Even many household names have to work at least part-time to supplement their music income.

If I can save you a fraction of what I have spent over the years, that would make me happy.

Ultimately music is about sharing and whether it is helping people learn, helping people enjoy themselves, entertaining, healing, honing their craft, or for the lucky few, earn a living, or at least helping to pay for their instruments, I want to share my passion and help you with yours.


On this site I will share stories and experiences. I will give you access to information, guitar tools. guitar accessories and knowledge that can help you get more pleasure from your instruments and help you make smarter decisions about buying and selling gear.

Things like don’t buy a learner guitar, but also don’t assume that the price of an instrument reflects its quality. Learner guitars are often the hardest ones to play and the reason why many people give up early.

You’ll find educational and entertaining stories. You’ll find links to great products (including some that are ridiculously cheap) and all sorts of useful information. I’ll have information about things like guitar steels for slide guitar and spider capos that open up whole new opportunities for new sounds and guitar tunings without having to retune your guitar.

I also offer you the opportunity to share your own experiences with me and other visitors, providing it is positive and respectful.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Or you can contact me personally at luigi@guitaraccessories.org

All the best,

Luigi Cappel

Your Friend at Guitar Love